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Size (L x W x H) 51 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm
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  • Description
  • Europa HILT blower is a very important tool for outdoor & garden equipment all of the leaf blowers below will handle pavement sweeping and a scattering of light leaves. Strong power in smart size provides, the better its work results.
  • The Europa HILT E20HB cordless blower Malaysia is the blower for you, and it provides you with an incredible amount of power since it has an idle speed of 12,000 RPM. This gives it the potential to produce air speeds of up to 190 km/hr., this power will help you blow whatever dust or dirt or sawdust you want to blow away.
  • The cordless blower Malaysia has a 20V Lithium-ion battery with a charger that will fully charge the blower in 1 hour. This battery will ensure that you don’t need a cord when you are working as the battery can handle the job.
  • With all this power and air rushing, there is bound to be some noise, and the cordless blower Malaysia was designed to reduce the noise, making 95dB or less when in use. This is not an issue since it is meant for noisy environments anyway. The nozzle is long to give you access to small spaces and also to keep you away from the dirt or dust.
  • Features:
  • Voltage: 20V
  • Idle Speed: 12,000RPM
  • Air Speed: 190km/h
  • Noise: ≤95dB
  • Charging Time: 1 hour